Road to Berlin 2018

Bram Ghuys

Sport is about finding your limits. And then breaking them.

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Sport is about finding your limits. And then breaking them.

Hi everyone,

I am Bram and I've been a high jumper for almost all of my life.
Progressing through the youth categories I've been able to compete on the national and international stage.

Just while knocking on the door of the international senior stage, missing the European Championship's qualifying standard by one centimeter, I had a serious foot injury last year. Because of this, I lost support of the federation, and now I'm working on the way back to the European stage, with the goal of qualifying for this year's European Championship in Berlin.

To achieve this goal, I planned a training camp with my coach and this track is to support the cost of this training camp. We're both working and combining this with high level sport, and reaching the European Championship would not only be a personal victory, but also pave the way towards the long term goal of being in the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020!

I thank all of you for your support in this life goal!


Bram Ghuys

About the riser

1993/02/14 years old

Gent, Belgium

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Curriculum Vitae
10 times national champion
Silver medal at the European youth Olympic trials 2010
5th place at the youth Olympic games 2010
16th place at the European u23 championships 2013
10th place at the European u23 championships 2015


griet de mol

Master Tracker
Make your dreams come true!

hilda langenaken

Nice Tracker
Good luck! We duimen voor je!

Thomas De Wilde

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Succes kerel! :)

Katleen De Wilde

Nice Tracker
Good luck Bram! Thumbs up, jump high! :)

Els De Mol

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