Olympic dream - Let's go to South Korea 2018

Morena Makar

Work hard until your idols become your rivals

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Work hard until your idols become your rivals

Olympics are definitely the crown of every athlete's career. My hard work paid off in 2014 when I became the first Croatian snowboarder at the Olympics. I represented my country in the discipline halfpipe.This reward came to me after 15 years of hard work and a lot of struggle along the way. This was something big both for me personally and for the sport in our country because we don't have any facilities to train and we always have to travel long distances. My Olympic debut made a big change and now people show more interest and respect for this sport. Afterwards I won several more competitions and my ambition and passion for this sport grew even more and I wanted to be a part of the 2018 Olympics in South Korea. I was in good shape, strong mentally and physically and wanted to do more.
Unfortunately, things don't go always as planned. In the beginning of 2015 I had an accident, broke my collar bone and could't compete that season. This caused loosing all my financial funds and now I don't have any financial support for my Olympic path.

In order to qualify for the next Olympics I have to go through a qualifying process that consists of several World cup competitions around the world and starts this summer in New Zealand.

The amount of 5000 Euros that I am trying to raise will be sufficient for my summer training in French Alps with a coach and for the trip to New Zealand where I will prepare and compete in the first qualifying competition.

*First 2000 Euros will be used for a one month on snow training with a coach in French Alps. Without this I can't go to New Zealand. This is for the ski tickets, accommodation, transportation...
*3000 Euros will be for the flight, accommodation, ski tickets, local transportation, competition fees and other expenses on New Zealand

If I manage to do this I will be eligible to get my financial support back for the rest of the Olympic path.
Without your help this Olympic dream won't be possible.

Morena Makar

About the riser

1985/01/22 years old

Zagreb, Croatia

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Curriculum Vitae
2014-First Croatian snowboard Olympian in Sochi - Halfpipe
- 1st place Austrian National Championship - Halfpipe
- 20th place World Cup in Stoneham -Halfpipe
- 1st place Kosovo - Boardercross
2013- 19th place World Cup in Finland - Halfpipe
2010- 10th place in Spain - Halfpipe
2008- 4th place in Czech Republic - Halfpipe

*multiple national champion
*4 times reward for the best snowboarder in Croatia

Besides my sport achievements I have a degree in Economics and I am currently working on my MBA diploma.
In 2013 I have developed my brand of sport socks Dogma which is successfully growing from year to year.


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