How does it work

Any athlete, from amateur to professional, looking to bring their career to the next level, can use RisingTrack to share their story.

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The athlete has a well-defined sports project that he wishes to be financed.
The athlete presents his project to RisingTrack and comes up with a fund-raising worth considering. He thinks about some gifts that he can offer to his contributors.
RisingTrack analyzes the validity and the quality of the project.
If the project is accepted, the athlete becomes the Riser and his project a Track. His fans become the Trackers.
The Riser calls up his supporters so as to obtain a 100% financing within the period set by himself (30 to 45 days) .
The fundraising ends on the last day of the Track. At that moment, the Riser collects all the donations and distributes the gifts.
The Riser achieves his project, sees his dream come true and keeps on informing his supporters.